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Where to start?

1. PVR APP and contact
mac vault

Please contact us at 979-324-4934 via text 24 hrs before coming to rent your poles. This way, we will set your pole aside to process in person when you pick up. 


You must come in person to use the PVR App and Rent your poles. If you would like to check our current pole availability, you can click the button below, however this is not a guarantee of availability. To have the pole set aside, and ensure we are able to process your request, please text 979-324-4934 24hrs in advance. 

Are you a school coach looking for multiple poles? Contact Brittany directly at 979-324-4936.

2. Decide what pole you need

We have a ton of poles ranging in weight and length (9'-16'5"). 

It is crucial to the success of your athlete to get the right pole. Unsure what you need? Join one of our practice sessions to find out.

We cannot accommodate athletes wanting to test poles prior to renting them. If this is something you want, you must attend a practice session prior to renting. 

3. ready to rent?tap the poles you want

1. Download the PVR app prior to coming to the gym.


2. Insert your payment information by clicking here.


Just take out your phone and start tapping your phone to the poles you would like to rent. If you do not have the PVR App, you can just tap your phone to a pole and it will direct you to download it.

All pole rental pricing will be calculated on the length of the rental (regardless of the size).

Weekly Rentals- $25

Monthly Rentals- $65

You can swap poles during your rental as needed and available at no additional cost.

4. Pole transport and liability

All poles must be transported in a carrying case. If renting 1 pole, we will provide a PVC Case. If renting 2 or more poles, you must also rent a pole bag or bring your own.

All renters will need to complete the Pole Rental Agreement form on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many poles can i rent at one time?

You can rent as many as you would like!  Each pole that you add to your subscription will be $25/week or $65/mo.  Remember, you can swap as many times as you like with no additional fee, but it is based on what poles are available.

When does my pole need to be returned?

Your monthly subscription starts when you check out and pay for your rental. You will know what poles you currently have rented because they will show up on the “My Poles” page in your PVR App.  If you wish to terminate your subscription, your poles would need to be returned using your PVR App prior to your next months payment coming out.  With that being said, you can keep poles for as long as you would like.  There is no time limit on when they need to be returned.

What happens if my pole is damaged, broken, or stolen?

We encourage you to thoroughly read the Rental Agreement.  If your pole is damaged, broken , or stolen, you are responsible for 100% of the replacement cost of that pole including shipping.

What happens if i don't get my pole back on time?

If you do not get your rental returned using your PVR App before your next payment comes out, you will be charged for another month of rental.

how do i know if mac vault has the pole i need?

You can find this out by checking the current inventory button above or you can come in to MAC VAULT and check for your pole. If you do not see the pole you need, or the one you need is checked out, PLEASE ask a coach if there is a suitable replacement or possibly another one available in the back. 

**Remember, you must call/text us 24hrs in advance of you coming to rent, so we can ensure we have the pole you need. Pole Rentals/Returns will take place 15min before or after a regularly scheduled practice but must be scheduled 24hrs in advance.** 

Can i let my friend borrow my pole?

You are not allowed to share rental poles. Only the person who has signed the rental contract is allowed to use the pole.

How do i transport my pole?

All poles must be transported in a carrying case. If renting 1 pole, we will provide a PVC Case. If renting 2 or more poles, you must also rent a pole bag or bring your own.

**Also, please bring bungees/straps to secure the pole to the top of your vehicle. Straps will not be provided**

can i buy a pole?

Sure, see info below.

Poles for Purchase

Want a pole all your own? We can help! We are dealers in all pole brands. Email me at

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MSRP Price






















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