ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: January 12th, 2020

Cannon Booker

Cannon Booker has been nominated as our athlete of the week this week due to her outstanding focus during practice. She has been pole vaulting for over a year now, starting her career in the 7th grade. She's a competitive gymnast and cross-country runner in her free time and she attends Smith Middle School. Her current PR is 9'7", but her goal this season is to clear at least 10'6". She works hard during practice and we have no doubt she'll achieve her goals this season. Keep up the hard work Cannon! 

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: December 22nd, 2019

Robert Postell

Robert Postell has been awarded our athlete of the week award due to his hard work and dedication in practice. He has been vaulting since 7th grade. His first year was disappointing with only a 6'6" personal best. Motivated to do better, he began training at MAC Vault in preparation for his 8th-grade season with his teammate and friend Jett Booker. What a difference! In 8th grade, Robert improved his personal record by four and a half feet to 11', which was good enough to win the District Championship and the Salyards Middle School record.  Since then Robert has been a Junior Olympic National Finalist (2017-2019), a Freshman District Runner Up (2018), named to the Varsity as a Sophomore (2019), a Points Finisher (5th) and a District Championship (2019). Robert's favorite thing about the vault is the comradery with his fellow vaulters and coaches. He enjoys the fellowship that comes from all of them hoping for the best out of each other. For the upcoming season, Robert hopes to be a strong and helpful teammate to his fellow MAC Vault and Bridgeland Vaulters, to improve his vaulting fundamentals and become a stronger and more consistent competitor, and to improve his Personal Record from 13'9" to over 15' by the end of the season. We look forward to seeing all his hard work continue to pay off!

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: December 15th, 2019

Isabella Kolodziejczyk

Isabella Kolodziejczyk wins the athlete of the week award this week for her perseverance during practice! Going up on poles and having mental toughness is a HUGE part of succeeding in the pole vault, and she demonstrated that this week! Izzy has been pole vaulting since she was in 6th grade with MAC Vault Academy. Her dad, Clayton, joined her in learning the unique sport and we love to see their bond grow as they both compete. Izzy was district champ her 7th and 8th-grade year and continued on to qualify for the area meet as a freshman at CSHS. Her PR is 11' (see the video) and her goal this season is to clear 11'6". Izzy loves everything about the vault except when you land on the bar. She wisely says, "If you clear the bar, then you'll never land on it." Her positive attitude and persistence in pole vaulting encourage others around her. Keep up the hard work Izzy!

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: November 10th, 2019

Sam Sanders

This week's Athlete of the Week is awarded to Sam Sanders for his coachability during practice. Our coaches noticed how Sam was taking instruction well, and he was intentional to implement the advice they gave. This is Sam's 6th season vaulting. With a personal best of 14'6", Sam has worked diligently each season to pursue his best. His favorite memory from pole vaulting was attending the National Pole Vault Summit in Reno, NV last season. His goal is to jump 15'6" this season and with his hard work ethic, I know we'll see him fly high this season! Keep up the great work Sam! 

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: October 27th, 2019

Joshua Keith

This week's Athlete of the Week is awarded to Joshua Keith for his focus during practice. Our coaches noticed how diligent Joshua is to complete each drill during practice. From the time he shows up to the time he heads home, he is focused on learning and working on his technique and his knowledge of the vault. This is Joshua's second season pole vaulting. He currently has a personal record of 9'6" but his goal this season is to fly over 12'. Joshua's favorite part about pole vault is the adrenaline rush he gets as he flies through the air. Keep up the great work Joshua! 

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: October 13th, 2019

Colby Tindall

This week's Athlete of the Week is awarded to Colby Tindall for his diligence during practice. Whether we are working on drills or vaulting on the runway, Colby completes each task with 100% effort. Colby has been vaulting since his 8th-grade year. He loves how unique the vault is. During his sophomore year, his coach recognized his great potential and recommended him to jump with Club Vaultitude in Dallas. Unfortunately, he suffered a serious foot injury in February 2019 that left him out most of his senior track season. Colby has been working hard to pursue his potential as a vaulter with a 15' PR from the MAC Vault Speedway vault this summer (see video!). Colby is diligent every day to achieve his goal of walking on at Texas A&M.

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: October 6th, 2019

Quinn Calhoun

Quinn Calhoun has been chosen as our athlete of the week because, in one word, she is "DRIVEN"! When she shows up to practice, she works out with her end goal in sight: the hopes of jumping in college. Quinn tried pole vaulting in 7th grade and was hooked! She says she loves the culture of the pole vault world, “It’s competitive but laid back. Everyone is encouraging and really happy when someone gets a PR in a meet even though they want to win too.” Her personal record last season in 9th grade was 10’6”. She placed 3rd at her District meet and she was excited to have lettered as a freshman at Cypress Woods High School. Quinn has big goals going forward, setting her sites on 12’ this year to continue working towards her goal of collegiate vaulting.