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ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: February 28th, 2021

Parker Samuelson

Parker Samuelson has been recognized as this week's Athlete of the Week for several reasons. His hard work and positive attitude can be seen by the coaches as well as the other athletes at practice. We also love how Parker has become an advocate for the vault at his school. He helps coach the vault for anyone who needs help. Parker has been jumping since the 7th grade. Currently, he is an 11th grader at Stratford High School. He recently PR'd at the Valentine's Vault with a 14'6" clearance. He hopes to clear 16' this year. His favorite part of the vault is after you clear a bar and you float down to the pit. With his PR getting higher and higher, I'm sure he'll enjoy floating down more and more. We look forward to seeing Parker progress this season and beyond! Keep up the hard work Parker!


ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: January 10th, 2021

Hannah Anderson

Congratulations to Hannah Anderson, our Athlete of the Week! Hannah started vaulting in the seventh grade but just started coming to MAC Vault Academy in the past few months. She is currently a senior at Conroe High School. Her favorite part about vaulting is the pole vault community being a friendly place to meet people. Even though the other girls are competitors, everyone is still very friendly. She broke her personal best vault of 9'10" at the Belton Expo on January 1st of this year, but she broke that personal best jump again at our practice meet this past weekend. Her current best is 10'6" but we know that'll be broken again soon! Keep reaching for the sky Hannah!

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: December 13th, 2020

Lauren Schmitt

Our Athlete of the Week this week goes to Lauren Schmitt! Her hard work and dedication has been noticed by all of our coaches and they are excited to spotlight her! Lauren is a Junior at Seven Lakes High School and she has been pole vaulting since she was a 7th grader. She loves the challenge of the vault. She says there is always something to work on to improve. She keeps striving to reach her next pole up, the better technique and the next PR. Her current personal best jump is 11'6" but she is so close to clearing 12'! Her favorite memory of the vault is when she had a triple PR at the Bridgeland High School meet. Way to go Lauren! Keep up the hard work!


ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: December 6th, 2020

Nick Morris

Nick Morris has been nominated as this week's Athlete of the Week! He started pole vaulting in October of 2020 as a Junior at Waller High School. In just a short few months, Nick has worked hard to clear 11' already! His gymnastics background has given him a strong core, a hard work ethic, and body awareness that is benefitting his vault career. So far, his favorite memory of vaulting was when he cleared a bar on his third attempt for the first time in a competition. He loves the challenge of the vault, the team comradery, and the atmosphere. We look forward to seeing where his hard work takes him! Keep it up Nick!

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: November 15th, 2020

Ryley Klefstad

We are pleased to recognize Ryley Klefstad as this week's Athlete of the Week! Ryley is known for his dedication and perseverance around the gym. He started pole vaulting in 7th grade and he's currently a sophomore at Concordia Lutheran High School. His favorite memory from the vault was clearing 15' at the Master's Symposium in October (see video). With his sights on clearing 16' by the end of this season, Ryley keeps giving 100% effort at every practice. Keep up the hard work Ryley! 

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: November 8th, 2020

Emma Opalacz

Congratulations to this week's Athlete of the Week: Emma Opalacz!! Emma can easily be spotted at the gym with her bright pink shoes and a bright smile to match! The coaches have bragged on her work ethic and her perseverance through a spine injury. She is focused and coachable, two attributes we love at Mac Vault!! Emma's vaulting journey began in 7th grade, but she became even more dedicated to the sport this last year during her freshman season at Cy Woods. Her current PR is 9'6" with her sites set toward 10'6". Her favorite memory has been vaulting in her first High School meet after recovering from a spine injury and setting a new personal record, TWICE!!! Way to go, Emma!! We can't wait to see how high you fly this year!!

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: September 13th, 2020

Lauren Henderson

This week we are honoring Lauren Henderson as our Athlete of the Week! Lauren has been attending MAC Vault for the past few years and has really stepped up her game lately. The coaches have noticed how hard she's been working during the season, and now even during the offseason! While other vaulters are taking a break, Lauren is diligently working on her technique and core strength in order to help her smash her old PR of 8'6". We look forward to helping her beat the school record of 10' at Waller High School this year as she continues to improve. She is dedicated to the vault because of how technical it is, and she loves how unique the sport is. Thanks, Lauren for always having a positive and hardworking attitude. It has not gone unnoticed!